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15 Most Important Languages for Computer Programmers


“Languages for Computer Programmers bring life to hardware “

Programs are the indispensable part of the computer. Languages for Computer Programmers make hardware work like a real human. Programs are responsible for working and life of hardware. So an efficient coding of program is necessary which is done by programmers. To program or To Code is like “to speak, to control, or communicate with machine”. “Code” is synonym for “computer language”.
Everything that we know about software like – computer operating system, mobile apps, websites, drivers, web apps etc. are coded in some of the well-known programming languages such as C, JAVA, Python, Ruby, Scala, PHP, Javascript and dozens of many more.
The purpose of these computer languages is to communicate efficiently with the hardware, so the hardware works in the way we want. The languages are similar to common language “English” in the way we communicate to each other. This languages are easily translated to machine language i.e. binary code by compiler.
Here are some important languages that a programmer should know in order create an efficient and reliable applications to the user.
3. C
4. C++
6. PHP
8. CSS
11. C#
12. SQL
14. R

So which programming language a programmer should learn?
Hmm…. Seems very big question ??????

Might be, but it’s not.
First decide in which field you want to work or contribute your knowledge like you want to make websites or you want a new software or you want a new OS (Ahhh !!!!!!!), then start learning that languages which related to that field.
So here goes the description of listed languages:-


If you want an animation or interactive element to load on a webpage, then it needs Java.

Java is object oriented programming language(OBJ). The main concept of Java and also the reason that is widely used because of this phrase “Write once, run everywhere” . this allows to move code to different machines without any customization.

2. C


It is the one of the earliest languages used by programmers. It was born at Bell Laboratories.
C is usually considered a low-level programming language and it is commonly used to make computer hardware communicate.
3. C#


C# is used to build a lot of Windows programs and it is best for web development on Windows based servers.
(Remember it has nothing to do with C and C++)
4. PHP


It is the most popular programming language foe web, largely because it was the first programming language designed for the use of web
PHP runs on server side and is responsible for most of the online activities that we perform like post on a facebook etc.
Good thing to know that WordPress is written in php (on which 20% of world’s websites are made)

5. SQL


Living side of data. This language tells to organise a given data and in future how can we retrieve using queries. It is important for web app developers
SQL stands for structured query language.
SQL stores data in very structured manners in storage unit.
6. HTML and CSS


The most important language for web designers and developers.
HTML tells your browser what to do with each part of web page and CSS determines how they look. Also we can say that HTML is static language as we can’t change the data at run time.

CSS makes web page beautiful with borders layouts and many more properties. The power of CSS lies in the fact that it controls the web pages overall, giving them a consistent style with one framework. You don’t have to make decision of each and every page, you have to just change its stylesheet.


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