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How to operate laptop using mobile phone



Have you ever thought of controlling your laptop using your mobile phone?

Well, you can do this in very simple manner.

World is simplified in every aspect. Controlling remote devices using other devices is now very easy. Also is a need of today’s generation. You can convert your mobile phone into a remote, which can interact with all other devices that you own. Amazing na!!

When you have open platforms on both sides of the equation- your android phone and you’re PC, it becomes easy as pie to rig up a super powerful remote control solution. A smartphone super-remote isn’t just for people who have home theatre PCs. With a little knowledge about networking, you can wake up a remote PC when you are away from home so you can start a torrent, play music, start your remaining downloads and etc.

There a simple app known as ‘unified remote’, which is available on play store. It is very simple to use and understand.

  1. Download server application for PC from Unified Remote Website
  2. Install that application on your PC(Disable firewall, if it is creating problems also disable your antivirus software)
  3. Now install android app on your mobile phone.
  4. Connect your laptop and PC either by using Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth.
  5. Start server on your PC
  6. Open app, then open remote section, there you can see various control operations
  7. It’s done

Amazing thing about this app is that you can use your mobile screen just as touchpad. You can use your android keyboard for typing in notepad. You can start/stop/resume music.

Here are some key features of app

  1. Easy server and app setup, that just works.
  2. Automatic server detection to easily find servers on your network
  3. Server password protection and encryption for added security
  4. Supports single and multi-touch mouse support
  5. Wake on LAN to easily start your server
  6. Includes dark and light colour themes
  7. Server is available for windows,mac and Linux
  8. Control your devices including Raspberry pi and Arduino Yun
  9. Voice commands
  10. Android wear
  11. IR Actions
  12. Custom Remotes
  13. Widget and Quick action

You can download the app from play store and enter the following code HkhoLJC7 and you get 1 week free full version

Here are some screenshots of server and app

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